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I’m Sorcha, thank you for visiting my website.

I create floral designs for weddings, media events, photoshoots, film, dinner parties, and uphold weekly accounts for restaurants, retail, and private homes.

I have been working with flowers since 2013. I strive to create floral designs that reflect my client’s aesthetic, and enjoy considering the history and symbolic meaning of flowers for an occasion.

My work focuses on  the subtle, dramatic, and sensory details in nature—the texture of a blade of grass, the shape of a bud or leaf, a cascade of petals, the natural movement of a stem, but most of all, the seasons. I’m interested in sustainable practices and flowers that smell amazing, so I like to buy local when possible and select what is in season.

My path to floristry has been a varied one. Having taught in schools for years I longed for something creative that would allow me to work with my hands. I went from eyeing up the blooms and compulsively smelling bunches of jasmine in a shop across from my work, to working in flower shops myself. I went on to take courses and learned the ropes from very talented fellow florists and flower farmers, before finding my own way.

I very much enjoy meeting people whether clients or those who work in a similar area to myself. I believe in collaborating with others, sharing and expanding on what I have picked up along the way.

I am Irish but based between London and Dublin.
Contact me via email or instagram and I will get back to you.

Aiteall is an Irish word for a spell of sunny weather between showers of rain.

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Aiteall is an Irish word-a spell of sunny weather between showers of rain | Aiteall is an Irish word-a spell of sunny weather between showers of rain | Aiteall is an Irish word-a spell of sunny weather between showers of rain |